Turning ambition & potential into reality

About Critical Friend Partnership

Have you ever been frustrated with not being able to reach your true potential? That’s probably because you have reached a glass ceiling. Glass ceilings are invisible and exist in our personal and business lives. If left unresolved, they will prevent you from realising your actual ambition and full potential.

Uniquely, Critical Friend Partnership is able to operate as both a Non-Exec to your business and as an exclusive consultancy service. A critical friend that holds you and your business to account while helping out at the same time.

Critical Friend Partnership gives you the strength, encouragement, accountability and insight to break through glass ceilings in order for you to be more successful and more fulfilled while avoiding the common pitfalls along the way.

“As a business owner, I greatly value having an ‘A team’ of key people who are aligned to our values and help to guide us towards our objectives. Richard is in our A team.”
Philip Belgian
NC Insurance
“The approach is open, honest and challenging. Excuses, barriers and hiding places are considered objectively.”
Nicholas Martin
Guy Penn
“Without taking both the time and considerable trouble to make us step back, take a dispassionate look at our business and take the decisions necessary, then our growth plan would not have been possible.”
Christopher Edwards
Edwards Insurance
“As a direct result of Richard’s involvement, we have seen a direct link between increased staff engagement, significantly improved financial results and happy customers.”

These are just some of the companies that work closely with Critical Friend Partnership, please feel free to call the Managing Director of any of these to gain an understanding of what it is really like when you work with Critical Friend Partnership.