Achieving sustainable profitable growth

Insurer, MGA or Lloyds Syndicate looking for consistent profitable growth?

The regional independent broker community represents an under realised opportunity for many Insurers, MGA’s and Lloyds syndicates. As a group, this broker community holds significant amounts of highly attractive, loyal and profitable businesses that many Insurers, MGA’s and Lloyds syndicates are seeking.

The trouble is that the two communities often talk a completely different language, one talks about premium, rating strength and loss ratios and the other talks about improving customer outcomes, service and income.

Critical Friend Partnership has the knowledge, insight and understanding of how the Insurance marketplace can talk the same language as the Broker community and be rewarded by significant profitable growth. It does not need to take a lot to stand out from the crowd, the opportunity exists for anyone that is brave enough to take the necessary steps.

Uniquely, Critical Friend Partnership is able to operate as both a Non-Exec to your business and an exclusive consultancy service that can assist in unlocking this highly attractive, difficult to reach, sector of the marketplace.

Insurers, MGA's and Lloyds Syndicates

“To deliver better outcomes for customers and be sustainable for the long term, brokers need a clear client centric strategy. This approach has been clearly demonstrated by the Brokers who have worked with Richard.”
“We are impressed with the trading performance from those fortunate enough to engage Richard and we’re seeing real improvements in new business activity and conversion.”
“Regional independent brokers are vitally important to our distribution plans at Ageas. Richard helping independent Brokers to develop strategies which will maximise their potential, can only be good news for Brokers and Insurers alike.”
“Regional independent brokers are the heartland of our distribution, providing better CORs than any other element of the distribution chain. Richard is helping us grow via the strong trading relationship in this sector.”